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Flavors from Brazil

  • Preface
  • The mixture of ingredients
  • Colonial cooking
  • Politics, literature and nourishment: José de Alencar and the dissonant flavors of the nation
  • Gastronomy during the times of the Baron of Rio Branco
  • Feijoada: a short history of an edible institution
  • Feijoada à Ma Mode
  • Roots of Brazil
  • A sweet history of Brazil
  • Geography of flavors: essay on the dynamics of the Brazilian cuisine
  • Trails of flavors
  • Flavors from Minas Gerais
  • Flavors from the Cerrado
  • Flavors from the Amazon
  • Flavors from Paraná
  • Baianas of the acarajé: a story of resistance
  • Mariana (Mainha) and Cleusa Oliveira, Baianas of acarajé
  • Interview: Alex Atala
  • Caipirinha, that is, cachaça, Lime and Sugar: A brief story of a relationship
  • How to prepare a traditional caipirinha
  • How to recognize a good cachaça
  • Interview: Carlos Eduardo Corrêa Nogueira
  • Glossary

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