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Latin American Festival 2011

Brazil in KL Latinfest , 22 May

The Brazilian Community in KL had an outstanding participation in the 3rd Latin American Festival, held in BB Park Kuala Lumpur on Sunday 22 May 2011. A big stand run by 16 Brazilian volunteers working the whole day offered to the public a wide choice of typical delicacies (Shrimp "Bobó", Chicken "Coxinhas", Cheese Shortbread, Chocolate "Brigadeiros", Guaraná softdrink, Novaschin Beer, and served around 300 "Caipirinhas"!

A Brazilian-Malaysian Capoeira Group and several artists presented performances of the Brazilian martial art and a big show of Samba, to a public of estimated 4,000 people who circulated in BB Park the whole day. The Festival is a Charity Bazar promoted by 9 Latin American resident Embassies in Kuala Lumpur. This year, as a gesture of Latin American solidarity, the proceeds of this event were directed to the children victimized by the earthquake which devastated Haiti in 2010, through the channel of UNESCO.

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